15 March 2015

I Met A Celebrity Chef - Rachel Khoo

Rachel Khoo who? Well she first came to our notice in one of the TV lifestyle channel "The Little Paris Kitchen" which is also the name of one of her cookbooks the TV series was based on. The show was filmed in Paris, one of Margaret's favourite cities.

Watching cooking shows is one of our past time activities and Rachel's show is one of our favourites. Not that we try cooking every recipe but occasionally we do experiment with one or two interesting and easy ones.

There were a few things about the show that caught our attention; there was Paris, an Asian looking British girl cooking French food in Paris, always in a different dress for each recipe, easy going charming personality and there is also her laughter.

It was in one of her episodes in her second TV series "Rachel Khoo's Cosmopolitan Cook" that prompted me to check her blog. That's when we found out that she is in Melbourne.

So we found ourselves queuing up with many others early on a Sunday morning at the Avoca Hills Bookstore, for Rachel Khoo book signing and hopefully a photo opportunity with her.

One never knows what friends one could meet while patiently queuing up to the book store. There is Karina who hoped to have her cookbook autographed before she has to leave to get to her office by 12 noon. It's a working day for her. There is also a lady who wanted two books autographed; one as a present for her daughter and the second one for her to keep. There is another girl who never queues for anything, but this one is different, this one is Rachel Khoo.

Finally when we got into the book shop, we found that there was still a queue to the table where Rachel is. We could not yet see her, but the laughter we heard told us that she is indeed here.

We had a short chat with her telling us about her losing her little apartment cum restaurant in Paris, where she did her Little Paris Kitchen TV series, three years ago. The landlady wanted it back.

Then the photo opportunity we hoped for. Thanks Karina!

With all the excitement of meeting her, book signing and photo taking I do not think we said thank you to Rachel for her signing our cookbooks.

Rachel, if you are reading this blog page, Thank You!!

Tip from Rachel's kitchen.
"I always believe that failures are part of the process. It's how you deal with them that will eventually influence whether you succeed or not."

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