19 October 2010

Kuala Lumpur Highlights - Sunway Lagoon

I always wanted to see this place but never seem to be able to manage the time, till this trip. The Sunway Lagoon Theme Park is sort of a mini-version of the Wet and Wild Water World, Queensland.

However, I think we must have got our directions wrong and ended up at the Sunway Lagoon shopping mall, also known as the Sunway Pyramid. It has an Egyptian theme to the architecture. The lion head at the entrance to the mall, I guess was to depict the Sphinx. There are also statues of Egyptian men along the pillars and the ceilings shaped like the inside of the pyramids. But basically, it is a shopping centre with upscale outlets, an ice-skating rink, 48-lane bowling centre near Sunway Lagoon Resort.

As it turn out, there is a way through the shopping mall to the theme park or to the resort. The (slow) walk through the mall, was a perfect opportunity for Margaret to window shop which took much of the time we planned for the day at the park.

However, the path to the park gave us an opportunity to view the theme park through glass windows from a high vintage point. A perfect opportunity for some photos of the park.

Sunway Lagoon is made up five theme parks; Extreme, Amusement, Water, Wildlife and a Scream park. A little something for everyone young and old.

For more images of the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, click here.

The Atrium Cafe & Lounge, was a nice place to sit and cool off from the hot and humid outside, while taking photos of the enterance to the hotel. Real life size sculptures of dears attempting to escape from the tigers.

There were lots of expensive cars parked at the front of the hotel; Mercedes Benz and BMW. A couple of them with chauffeurs and some with bodyguards standing along side them. Know they are bodyguards by the semi-automatic rifles they carry. Seems there was a convention or meeting going on with some top state and federal ministers at the time.

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