25 November 2010

Kuala Lumpur Highlights - Fish Spa

While window shopping at Mid Valley, we came across this interesting store. Outside the store there is a huge aquarium tank with lots of small fish in it.

The store is actually a Fish Spa, where you are allowed to put your feet into the aquarium tank and the fish gets to eat the dead skin cells of your feet. I heard of such a place from friends who last visited Kuala Lumpur and did not think much of it, till I saw this store.

I was told that it is really fun, a different form of feet massaging. So I decided to give it a go. Margaret wasn't game for the fish spa, so she settled for an actual feet massage.

The place consists of a few sections with pools of different sized fish (small, medium and large). First of all I had to wash my feet. Mustn't pollute the waters and the fish like their meals clean.

Then I was told to sit at the first pool, facing the window, where the small sized fish are. Initially it was very ticklish but surprisingly quite relaxing once I allow myself to relax and accept the fact that these fishes are literally eating me, alive.

Of course when you do see lots of the fish surrounding your feet, you know then how dirty you feet really is. Later on, I moved to the medium size fish. They feel much better, nibbling on my feet and not ticklish anymore. The larger size fish nibbles are harder and at time felt more like bites rather than nibbles.

Once in a while, passerby and window shopper do stop to have a look at the fish feeding, prompting a few remarks.

Now what do this sign really mean?

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  1. No, it does not hurt. In fact, it felt ticklish. The bigger fish might take a while to get use to, cos' they do look big ...but it does not hurt. At least it did not for me.


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