15 February 2012

To Accomplish Great Things

The words basically says it all or does it.

To accomplish great things
We must not only ACT
But also DREAM
Not only PLAN
But also BELIEVE

Now which of these words strike a chord with you.

It may well reflect where you are now at this point in time. It is a reflection of what you think you need to emphasize on in life. Each has a role in our lives.

As for me, it is the word "BELIEVE".

I figure that what you believe in, will take shape in your life for better or for worse. There is a phrase; "Right believing produces right living."

For some their belief (conviction, faith) can change a nation while for others it can bring a nation to its ruins. I am sure you can relate to some men and women, the good and bad in history you read about or even admire.

So what about you? What do you believe in and has it (begun to) take shape in your life ...as a dream, a plan or as an action toward accomplishing greater things?

While what you and I believe in may not necessarily change nations, I do believe each of us can and will affect lives around us. No one is an island upon themselves, unless you choose to live a life as a hermit.

To believe also implies choice, that is, you get to exercise your God given free-will to choose to believe in something or in someone. The fruit of your belief is found in the manner it affects the people around you and those who crosses your path ....is it 'life' or 'death'. Choose life. Let what/who you believe in be life, that your life be a positive contribution to the people around you, especially your love ones and to the wider community you live in.

You never know. You may well be one with a belief that changes a nation ...for the better, I pray.

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