17 January 2011

Frankston - Sand Sculpting

Ever feel like taking your family and/or friends to the beach, but wanting to do something else besides swimming. Well, here's something you might just be interested in. Sand Sculpting!

This year (2011) sand sculpting event is just 40 - 50 minutes drive, south of Melbourne's CBD, at the Frankston Waterfront, near the Pier. Actually the event has relocated there ever since 2008, from Rye. The sand sculpting event is held every year, for 4 months from Boxing Day the 26th December to April the following year. This year theme is "Creepy Crawlies".

It is an international event, with invitation sent out to the world's best sculptors from the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland and the UK, to Russia, Singapore, Canada and the USA - to join with their Aussie sculptors to form a team of 20 artists. It is a show that brings something creative and spectacular out of each sculptor, their imaginations into life-size forms.

This event has proven to be a crowd pleaser as evident by the crowd; families and couples, young and old, that queue up for the entry tickets.

It is a family friendly event. No smoking and no alcohol allowed. There are activities to keep the (young and old) children happy like sand sculpting workshops or to learn more about sand sculpting from the resident sculptor(s), who maintains the sculptures from the day to day "erosions" by wind and rain.

The photos above are instructions on how to create your very own sculptures, when you do go to the beach. To get a better view of the instructions, just click on the photo.

Below are some of the life size sculptures, you can see. There are more but I do not want to spoil it for you.

After the show and if lunch is on your mind, there is Sofia Pizza House Frankston at the waterfront, which is just a short 150+ meters from the sand sculptures. Sofia serves Italian cuisines; pizzas and pasta.

For those looking for a take-away, they do serve fish and chips, hamburgers, sandwiches, salads and the most important item for a hot summer day, ice-creams!

Our choice for the day was Spaghetti Marinara. Yummy!

Location of the City of Frankston, relative to Melbourne.

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