21 February 2011

Asian Gourmet Hut

Asian Gourmet Hut, a BYO Chinese Restaurant at 12 Mitchell Street, Doncaster East, is a small restaurant hidden away among a small cluster of shops and restaurants known as the Jackson Court.

We heard/read about the place from A Daily Obsession and what caught my attention was that the owner of the restaurant also blogs; Precious Pea. Thought we check the place out, since we were in the neighbourhood. We were there, way before the dinner crowd, that is, just after 5:00 pm. Well it was probably early for dinner, but like I said, we were in the neighbourhood and really did not fancy cooking on that day.

The place was air-conditioned for the day was rather hot and has a simple deco with soft Cantonese music playing in the background. It was rather relaxing sipping Chinese tea with the background music playing.

We ordered two dishes to go with rice; the Eggplant with Salted Fish and Minced Pork and Chicken with Cantonese Sweet Sauce. Simple dishes packed with flavours.

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  1. Thanks for dropping by my restaurant. Glad you enjoyed your dinner and I do hope that u will come again.


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