30 June 2011

Margaret River - The Town

Margaret River is a small town south west of Western Australia, 277 km or three and a half hour drive from Perth.

It is a quiet town at the time we visited in October. I see Margaret River primarily as a one street town, a pit stop before passing through to the many tourist attractions within the region, the wineries, surf beach and caves.

As a pit stop, the tavern seems very much to be the centre of the town. So we had some lunch, a pint and some good Aussie country music.

Over lunch we contemplate what we want to do for the rest of the day. For the more active ones, there are the usual adventure tours/activities like rock climbing, abseiling, canoeing. For the relax ones, fishing is a popular activity along with whale watching when in season. There is also the much talked about Margaret River chocolate and the factory is located just outside the town. For specifics on what you can do around Margaret River, click here.

Do you find it confusing or interesting that the town is named Margaret River, the region in which the town is in, is also called Margaret River and that Margaret River flows through the centre of the region, passing the Margaret River township just 8 km from the ocean.

Margaret River the region, spreads all along the coast from a few kilometres south of Busselton, out to Cape Naturaliste and spread 30km wide down the south coast to Cape Leeuwin, Australias most south western point.

Orchids! Just outside the town along side the road on the way to the chocolate factory we came across these orchids.

Short video clip, country music at the Settler's Tavern and a 360 view of Margaret River.

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