31 January 2012

Who The Holy Spirit Helps

Acts 2:1-41 (NLT)

The Holy Spirit has been given to all belivers to deepen their spiritual walk and to enable them to make an impact upon their world for Jesus Christ. This passage illustrates three aspects of the Holy Spirit's unique work in the lives of belivers.

The Holy Spirit Fills All Belivers
In the Old Testamen, the Holy Spirit was given only to a select few to perform specific tasks. This chapter indicates a change in the pattern. the Holy Spirit was poured out on all the believrs in the house that day (v4), and he was present in each of their lives from that day forward. This outpouring of the Holy Spirt was used by God to establish the church - and to spread the message of the gospel to everyone everywhere (v39).

The Holy Spirit Draws Attention to the Saviour
Notice that Peter did not focus on the unique happening that had just taken place but turned the crowd's attention to the message of Jesus Christ and their need for repentance. Likewise, the Holy Spirit does not draw attention to himself but to the Saviour. And when he fills your life, he will increase your ability to share the gospel with others.

The Holy Spirit Inspired Peter's Message
Peter's sermon, inspired by the Holy Spirit, led many in the crowd to a point of decision: "What should we do?" (v37). The people were not attracted to Peter but to his message. The Holy Spirit worked powerfully that day, and three thousand people responded to the message.

The Holy Spirit is promised to all who repent and receive Jesus Christ into their lives. Many people fail to understand who the Holy Spirit is and what dimension of power is available to them through him. It may help to examine what took place after the disciples received the filling of the Holy Spirit that Jesus had promised (Acts 1:8).

New Believer's Bible
Ps Greg Laurie

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