07 July 2012

Mt Macedon Memorial Cross - Snow, Foggy and Cold

This posting is last weekend outing, just to do something different from every other weekends and to do it with an overseas friend visiting us. We opted for a day out at Mount Macedon, a small township 64 kilometres northwest of Melbourne. Just about an hour drive.

The Mount Macedon Township was largely established by Melbourne's wealthy elite in the post gold rush era of the mid to late 19th century who used it as a summer retreat.

We've been to this township a year or two ago, but we never did make it to the summit. This time we did.

At the summit of Mount Macedon is a car park and a cafe called the Top of the Range, Tea Rooms and Gallery. About 200 meters from the car park and out of sight from the cafe, is a 21 meter high Memorial Cross which was erected to commemorate Australia’s war fallen. The Memorial Cross is considered to be Victoria’s next significant war memorial after the Shrine of Remembrance. Surrounding it is an extensive native forest of a variety of gum trees which cover the mountain and also surrounds the town.

The view at the cross is said to take in Melbourne city, the Dandenong Ranges, the You Yangs near Geelong, that is, the entire southern plain towards Port Philip Bay. Entry to the Memorial Cross is free.

The day however was not a day for such a view. It was a cold wet foggy wintery day. Nothing of the much talked about view can be seen.

I guess the lesson here is; check the weekend weather forecast before making any plans for the weekend, especially one with the intend of seeing the country landscape, get to a local farmers market, shopping and dining to sample the local produces. Well we did plan to pack the day with activities.

All was not lost however, for we saw our first snow for the year as we were having lunch at the Top of the Range tea room, much to our joy and others at the cafe, especially the children.

For a wet cold snowing and foggy day, it was surprising that the car park was fully parked with a steady stream of people walking to and back from the memorial cross. For more images of the Mt Macedon Memorial Cross, click here.

This video is a short clip showing people enjoying the snow just outside the cafe enterance. On loading this clip onto You Tube, I found that snow has already fallen at Mt Macedon as early as the 24th May.

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