29 December 2012

Melbourne - Boxing Day Bargains Or Madness

Boxing Day is traditionally the day following Christmas Day, though there may be various day to when it occur around the world. However, it is a day that many Melbournians do what many others in the developed world do, they go shopping.

This year we decided on the Chadstone Shopping Centre, the Fashion Capital of the city also known as the largest shopping centre in the Southern Hemisphere. As the photos shows, there are bargains to be found for that is the main reason the people flock to the shopping centre. The word "SALE" is found in almost every retail shop windows and products and the sales can be as high as 75% of the Retail Recommended Price (RRP).

The crazy thing is such sales were also found in many other days of the year. Also, the Boxing Days sale goes on for a couple of days, till at least the New Year.

Yet, many more people come for this Boxing Day sale than any other times. Long queues can be found at many of the high end side of shopping centre like, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Tiffany and Burberry. The big department stores, Myer and David Jones were just as crowded.

Can you imagine what the car park situation around the shopping centre is like? We were fortunately that we got a space at the top of the car park building (uncovered and exposed to the elements i.e. sun) within 20 minutes and we were there around 10am. Chadstone opened at 7am. A friend we meet later in the day patiently "waited" an hour for a parking spot.

I wonder if it is just the hype of the day or just a tradition that is consciously or unconsciously practised by Melbournians.

So what did you do on Boxing Day 2012 or should I be asking, where did you go shopping?

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