27 September 2014

Healesville - Badger Creek

Badger Weir Park, located at the end of Badger Weir Road, off Don Road in Healesville/Badger Creek, 7km from Healesville township and is located 3km east of the Healesville Sanctuary. It has a weir constructed in 1909 and is a water catchment area for Melbourne.

The park is a popular picnic area and as it is a short drive from Healesville, a couple of friends and us decided to do a little bush walking to the weir. Just a goal we set for ourselves to go out into the bush, to enjoy the fresh mountain air and forest walks that passes through ancient fern gullies and across clear mountain streams.

There are a couple of trails we could have taken to the weir and we know that it was a short 1 to 1.5 km walk. However, we did not come prepared with a map of the trails but we were determine to do the morning walk before going back to Healesville for lunch.

So once we parked our cars at the car park, we just took the most obvious or visible trail. As the trail is wide enough to take a four wheel drive, we were quite confident that we will not get lost in the park. So of we went.

The trees are tall and ancient. They looked majestic. The hollows in the old trees along the trail to the weir provide homes and nesting sites for many of the native mammals and birds, not that we will see any with the amount of chatter we make. As anticipated, the air was cool and fresh.

Soon the trail took us deeper into the park and away from the fast flowing streams that runs along some parts of the trail. There was a time we wonder if the weir was much further than we thought. We felt like we must have surely walked more than 1km by now. Are we lost? We thought not likely for it is a well built trail. Having then decided we walk for another ten minutes more before turning back, we were rewarded with the sound of fast flowing water again.

We thought this must be it. We venture on further down the trail following the sound of running water. We came to a fork, the right goes up, the left goes down. We opted for the left and sure enough we found the weir. It was a rather small weir. So after spending ten minutes or so, reading the information board about the weir, taking in the view and some more photos, we start our walk back to the car park and to lunch.

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