16 March 2010

Daylesford Highlights - Convent Gallery

The Convent Gallery is sits on the crest of Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens, over looking Daylesford.  It is a 19th century mansion, with retail areas, a Mediterranean restaurant, a bar and lounge, a restored chapel, nuns museum, two stunning glass fronted function space and even a penthouse apartment, surrounded by six acres of gardens.

It was built as a private residence during the Gold Rush era around the 1860's, bought by the Catholic Church as a convent and boarding school for girls in the 1880's which was closed in 1973. In 1988 it was bought by Tina Banitska, an artist and ceramicist, and used it as an art gallery.

We quite enjoy our time at the gallery, having lunch at the Bad Habit cafe. There is also a bar lounge called The Altar, but it was closed at the time. Interesting names chosen for the cafe and bar lounge.

Web-site: http://www.theconvent.com.au/

The Art

The Convent Gallery is a major regional gallery situated in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia. It is also an award winning tourism venue that exhibits both contempary and traditional artwork. It focus on work of both established and emerging local, national and international artists, presenting a diverse range of art work.

There are other pictures of the paintings, sculptures and prints, but these are the only two works that I've chosen for this posting.

Art is really in the eyes of the beholder. :o)

The Gift Shop

The gift shop specialises in a variety of jewellery, pottery, glassware and ceramics for those who are into the arts.

You will find also, local produce, home wares, body products, lady accessories, books and some interesting gift items on display. There is always a sale section if you are looking for a bargain.

The Garden

One of the attractions of The Convent Gallery is the garden surrounding the building.  There are several interesing eye catching artwork, sculptures mixed in with the flowers and green plants. It is worth the stroll around the garden and take in the air, colours and sounds of the birds among the bush or tress.

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  1. hi not-so-simple simon! very nice posts n photos! how r u n d missy? :DD aren't you coming here soon?


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