24 March 2010

Daylesford Highlights - Daylesford Lake

When you park your car and walk towards the lake, you will find that the central focus of the Daylesford Lake is the cafe. Almost everything revolves around this cafe and you cannot help but notice the cafe even as you walk around the lake. Anytime is a good time for a bite or a drink and you call it you brunch or lunch. Seated outside and you get to view the many activities in and around the lake, not restricted to only the bird lifes.

Beside the cafe, there is the playground for the children to tire themselves out and for those more incline to relax with a book, there is also a small book store next to the playground that serves coffee and muffins.

It is a must thing to do, to walk round the lake. It takes about 20 - 30 minutes to compelete depending on your pace. But speed is not everything when doing this.

It is an opportunity to "catch-up" with your partner or friends, talking about "serious matters of life" or just to know the person. The sights and birdlife may be a slight distraction from your thoughts and discussion .....but I think are a welcome distraction.

If you are a budding photographer, there are some interesting view of the place to try out your skills, as atest by my photos here. Learning. More to learn I'm sure.

You will not be alone in the walk as there are others who to enjoy such moment of peace and tranquility, enjoying the moment and taking in the sights.


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