24 August 2010

Kuala Lumpur Highlights

KUALA LUMPUR, is the capital of Malaysia and it is also commonly known as KL for short. It is our next and last stop into our holiday to Malaysia for the year. Looking forward to catching up with family and friends; some I will not meet due to scheduling issues, some I meet after having not seen them since my time at secondary school, thanks to my brother who organized it.

One of the major highlights of KL is the "serious" shopping you can do there. The week we were at KL must have been a fashion week, for there were fashion shows at several of the major shopping centres in the city centre, not to mention the shopping centres at the hotel where we stayed.

There is a shopping district at the city centre known as the "Golden Triangle" with at least a dozen shopping centres all within walking distance of each other. The shops ranges from the everyday shops, boutiques, major emporiums, to the pricy outlets like the Louis Veton, Gucci, Chanel, etc.

One major issue at the triangle is traffic. It is a crawl, even with the light rail introduced into the city, to alleviate traffic congestion. People in KL, seems to love their cars.

One of the highlight of our visit this time round is Putra Jaya, a planned city primarily the administrative centre of government. It was in the planning stage when I just before I migrated to Australia, so it was good to see the outcome of that vision. Impressive as far as the city planning and building design goes.

Did not get to see Cyberjaya, another planned township with a science park. It is said to want to become the Silicon Valley of Malaysia. Maybe my next trip back to Malaysia.

Other attractions to highlight would be the view of the city from the hotel where we stayed and the shopping centres under and around the hotel.

There is always one constant in any holiday that we take and that is the food. We just had to sample them and sometimes dare I say, excessively. There is a wide range to choose from, from the street food to the cuisines at restaurants and not just from the local people but also from the international community's too.

There is always the local favourite such as the nasi lemak, roti chanai and chicken rice. Must not forget the ice kachang, a favourite local dessert, for a hot day. They are simple fares which I could eat, everyday and not grow tire of them (I think).

Then there are the international restaurant cuisines, some of which do stand out in taste and fancy presentations.

Any surprises in this trip?

Well there were two. The first surprise is the wild wildlife I found at the city edge where we stayed for a couple of nights.

The second is a new pass time, feeding the fish .....and I mean literally, feeding the fish.

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