10 May 2011

Ocean Grove - 'Treasure' Warehouse

Ocean Grove is a coastal town and beach resort fronting the Bass Strait, 19km south-east of Geelong. It is the next largest town after Geelong on The Bellarine Peninsula, located between Point Lonsdale and just a bridge over to Barwon Heads, its twin coastal town.

Ocean Grove offers a wide selection of shopping facilities; supermarkets, restaurants, cafes and speciality shops. However, most people come here for the surf beaches which front the Bass Strait. There are also walking tracks that offer a good view of the Bass Strait, along the beach.

What drew our attention however was not so much Ocean Grove shopping strip but of a Chinese and Japanese Furniture warehouse advertised in one of the local papers, for tourist.

26 Smithton Grove
Ocean Grove VIC 3226

Even though it is advertised as a Chinese and Japanese furniture warehouse, there are also Indian, Moroccan and South American products, including clothing, bags and jewelleries. It became a place for us to spend a couple of hours browsing the aisles of this massive warehouse.

It looks like a treasure house of antiques and collectable with bits and pieces of articles, ornaments and paintings that might interest, even surprise you. There are things for the indoor living space and even more for the outdoor garden.

I could not imagine why anyone would want some of the things that were on display but there are things there that do appeal to my sense of aesthetic appeal. However those that I do like don't come cheap.

Guess there is some truth about the old saying "One man's trash is another man's treasure".

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