07 May 2011

Point Lonsdale - The Beach and Lighthouse

Point Lonsdale is just a short drive from Bowen Heads. It is a very small seaside township that overlooks The Rip - the notorious entrance to Port Phillip Bay.

The Rip is where the ocean and the bay waters meet, some would say collide, through an outlet about a kilometre wide. Beside The Rip, the other attraction of Point Lonsdale is its prominent landmark, the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse, built in 1902 and is situated at the tip of Point Lonsdale.

There are many walking trails along the foreshore to explore, even a cave with an interesting story about an escaped convict, William Buckley aka 'Wild White Man', who lived 32 years with the local aborigines in the cave under the lighthouse.

The photo above is a view of the lighthouse from the beach. Notice the gun embankment, one of many in the area that was once used to guard the entrance to the bay.

The walk along the beach is probably the best way to enjoy the place, especially if it is a nice cool breezy day.

There is also a pier that extends into The Rip and is a favourite fishing spot for angler. You could even catch a shark from this very pier and here's a link of the catch in Feb 2010 and the one prior to this was in March 2008. Not a frequent happening. Still, just when you thought that the beach was safe. Swimmers beware!

Surprisingly, I did not have lots of photos of this place. I will have to do another posting of Point Lonsdale some other time.

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