24 July 2013

NGV - A Day Out At Monet's Garden Exhibit

Claude Monet the artist is in town. Well, his work actually. The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) is holding an exhibit of Monet's work till the 8th September 2013.

If you are into art and particular his art work, you do not have much time left. As of the 23th July, over 200,000 visitors have viewed the exhibit.

Monet was one of several founders of the Impressionism movement, though some do say that he is the ‘father of French Impressionism’. The exhibit show works from his early life where the colours of his work are bright, more towards blue and green to his later life, where he paint works viewed from his cataract affect eyes.

Seems his earlier works did not sell, but it was his later impressionist work, especially those of his garden at Giverny that he built, sold well. The story of his life with his family, his determination to be an artist and to paint as he sees the world was interesting.

One of Monet style was working on "series" paintings, in which a subject was depicted in varying light and weather conditions. He focuses on a subject matter painted from different points of view and at different times of the day.

Because it is an exhibition, photo taking was not permitted. Hence I am unable to post any here. However, above is picture of Monet outside his house at Giverny.

On entry into the NGV, the first exhibit seen is a 2000-year-old statue, PixCell-Red Deer by Kohei Nawa, from its collection. There is also a water exhibit at the Federation Court.

Below photo show the world's largest stained glass ceiling in the NGV's Great Hall. You'll see in the hall, people queuing up to the Monet's Garden Exhibition ticket booth.

The following are some views of the Grimwade Garden, located at the back of the NGV building. It is a good place to get away from the crowd and to take in the peace of the place.

Photos of an interactive activity room, on the right of the water exhibit at the Federation Court. You get to actually draw and colour on the walls.

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