07 September 2011

Perth - Dinner at Chinatown

It's been said by some Perth locals that officially, there is no Chinatown in Perth.

However, by virtue of the fact that there are many Chinese restaurants concentrated along Roe Street at the suburb of Northbridge, it has been deem the 'unofficial' Chinatown of Perth. It even has a pagoda archway adorned by two lion statues on either side of the arch, to mark the place. Restaurants are the mainstay attraction of visiting Chinatown.

Perth today is a melting pot of migrants from all over the world, but those from Asian countries includes India, Sri Lanka, Burma, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Brunei, just to name a few. And the range of cuisine on offer in Northbridge is a reflection of the ethnically diverse population. Beside the restaurants, there are the many drinking establishments and night clubs, which can be found on James Street and Lake Street.

We caught up with friends, Jonathan and Vivian, who took us out for dinner at a place called Hawker's Cuisine, at Chinatown. We know that the place serves good food when we had to queue up with many others for a table. It was packed with people. We waited for 20 minutes, at least, before we finally got a table upstairs after some "nagging" on our part. It is just an ordinary looking restaurant, much like what you would find in the back streets in Malaysia, like Malacca or Penang.

Though the floor was packed with people, we did not have to wait long for our food to be served. Aside for an overzealous photographer at the next table who kept taking photos with its flash flashing away, lighting up the whole floor ...which after a while causes me to be giddy, till I told her to stop...it was a pleasant and satisfying dinner experience.

The dishes we chose were simple home cooked food but they taste much better than they looked. Definitely the place to go should you fancy authentic Malaysian Chinese dishes, while in Perth.

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