12 September 2011

Perth - Kings Park Bortanic Gardens

Kings Park is the largest inner city park in the world; 4.06-square-kilometre (1,003-acre) of a mixture of grassed parkland, picnic areas, botanical gardens and natural bushland. The plants at the park are mostly native Western Australian. New York's Central Park is only 3.41 km².

The park is positioned on Mount Eliza, therefore it offers a panoramic view of the Perth CBD, Swan River and Darling Range. It is here where many of the photos of Perth skyline are taken.

So don't forget your camera if you want great photos of the city and of the Swan River.

Kings Park is one of Perth's popular tourist and local visitor destinations. It is Perth's playground and is sometime said to be everybody's backyard.

There are a number of war memorials and walking tracks; through the botanic gardens and bushland. The walking tracks includes the must see, must do, Lotterywest Federation Walkway, a 620 metres long walkway.  It has an elevated 222 metres section, that reaches a maximum height of 16 metres at the apex of the uniquely designed 52 metres glass and steel arched bridge which appears suspended amidst the canopy of tall eucalypts trees.

The people really do make good use of the park. I see tourists and people like me taking photos of the flowers, garden and views, school children on an excursion with their teachers, people exercising, meditating, relaxing or just enjoying a stroll and still many others doing their own thing.

One of the best alternative to walking at the park would be cycling, as you will cover more ground.

There is also a visitor's centre with the usual souvenirs; photos of the park and city, home ware, glass works, sculptures and even gems on sale.There is also a visitor's centre with the usual souvenirs of the park on sale. The visitor's centre also double as an Aboriginal Art Gallery. There is a restaurant next to the centre.

During September of each year Kings Park hosts Australia's largest wildflower show and exhibition - the Kings Park Festival. For more information on what's happening at Kings Park, click here.

The following are some of the many flowers at the garden that bloom in October, last year.

A panoramic view of the garden showing the native flowers of Western Australia from the left to the visitor's centre on the right.

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