28 October 2012

Gold Coast - Surf World Museum

I love the waters especially when spending time at the beach, but I do not surf. Surf World Gold Coast is Queensland's only surfing museum and it is located just across the street from the Wildlife Currumbin Sanctuary. The entry fee to the museum is included into the ticket price to the Wildlife Currumbin Sanctuary. So is the entry to the Superbee Honeyworld next door.

While Margaret is at the Honeyworld, I decided to step into the surf world to see what I will find.

Surf World Gold Coast opened its doors in June 2009 and there is a story behind its opening, which you can read about it in their web-site. Today, there are over a 100+ surfboards dating from 1915 to the present day plus photos, posters, newspaper articles, artwork, clothing and other artefacts.

Many of the surf celebrities do not ring a bell with me, obviously, but it was interesting to read about their stories and the competitions they were in. There is a lot of history and science behind the surf boards too. The museum highlights the evolution of the design and technology from the early 1930s to today.

Some of the surf boards look ancient and heavy but there were a few surprises, like the motorized surf board.

It is a fun and interesting place to spend an hour or so and to see a very different world. I found the staff friendly and there is even a small gift shop.

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