15 October 2012

Mt Dandenong - Tulip Festival

It's already spring here at Down Under. It is a perfectly good time of the year to be at the Tulip Festival, at Mt Dandenong, just an hour drive from the city of Melbourne. But this early in spring is also a time of pollens in the air, rain and quick weather changes; one of the attractions or complaint of Melbourne. As an aside, Melbourne is known for its four season in one day experience.

This spring I got the running nose and the shivers, so did not make it to this year tulip festival. But I so want you to get a glimpse of the tulips flowers and the feel of the festival which lasts for 3 weeks, but has 4 weekend, from mid-Sept to early October. There is a different theme for each week-end; Turkish, Dutch, Irish and a Food, Wine and Jazz week-end, not necessarily in that order.

It is one of those all day family outing that you have to bring along your cameras and/or videos to just capture that family moment.

So I am posting last year '2011 view of the tulip farm.

It was a cold, at times windy, at times sunny and cloudy day with some light rain in between. Still, the weather could not remove the joy of seeing all the colourful tulip flowers on display and in such abundant numbers, over half a million Tulips made up of more than a hundred different varieties.

Apart from the flowers, there are also sculptures on display. The work is from sculptors from across Australia, exhibiting their works between the colourful beds of the tulips.

There is even a little something for the children; fairies, a wishing well, leprechauns and even llamas, a domesticated South American pack animal.

Not forgetting the shoppers, there are some stalls and a small gift shop to take back with them, a little something of the place and the day, like their favourite tulips for their own patch at home.

The address of the Tesselaar Tulip Farm is, 357 Monbulk Road Silvan, Victoria 3795.
Note there is an entry fee to the farm, during the festival.

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