07 July 2013

Warrandyte Market - One Saturday Morning

Looking for something different to do during the weekend? Well, we did one weekend.

It's either finding something exciting to do or stay home and do house chores. House chores! How exciting can that be? OK then. We decided to check out the Warrandyte Market.

We heard about the market from friends in the area. It has around 120+ stalls of homemade, home grown goods ranging from fruits, vegetables, gourmet food like pies and all kinds of bread, gifts and plants to some hand spun knitted jumpers. Look out for the traditional Turkish mouth-watering handmade pastry with your choice of filling. Hot and delicious.

It's an outdoor market set along the banks of the Yarra River, held on the Stiggants Reserve in Warrandyte. It is held on the first Saturday of the month, from 9.00 am - 1.00 pm except for the month of January.

Well, this Saturday morning was a good sunny day to enjoy the delights of the market. I was pleasantly surprise at the size of the crowd and the stalls were a treat for Margaret who loves to browse every one of them.

Get a cuppa of your favourite coffee to kick-start the day. If not coffee, maybe a take-away glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Seep at your drinks as you work your way down the stalls along the path.

Do you have a green-thumb? If so, there are plants that may interest you ranging from native shrubs to citrus trees. There are a couple of honey stalls for those who are sweet and locally grown fruit and vegetables for those looking for fresh produces.

All stallholders are friendly and willing to help or answer any questions you have about their products, even if it's just out of your curiosity. You are not obliged to buy anything though I'm sure they will be most happy if you do.

The following are some of the entertainers; musicians and singers, as you wind your way among the stalls along the path of the market.

The market is also animal friendly but to be more accurate; dog friendly as they are the only ones seen apart from the wildlife birds that fly around the market. The photos shown here are only three of the many breed of dogs I've seen, large and small. This observation is reinforced by the fact that there was a dog food stall, a dog accessory stall and a dog bed stall in the market.

The view of the Yarra River that runs along the market are enjoyed by some people much more so than the market itself. Sitting at its bank, it felt very peaceful indeed. I think the true beauty of the Warrandyte Market is the fact that it is set in such beautiful surrounds. Look out for the cockatoos.

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