01 February 2010

Mildura Highlights - Orange World Tour

Next day, was a hot summer day at around 38C. So, what can we do in this seemingly small sleepy town. Asking a local girl.

Me: "The town seems quite. Not many people about."
Local girl: "Oh, everyone has left town to go on their holidays. The ones you see here are tourists."

Hmmm.... maybe, we should be doing the same thing. Makes you wonder if coming here was a good idea afterall.

Now what? Finally decided on a place called "Orange World" about 10 minutes drive from the Mildura Post Office. Located on Silver City Highway, Buronga on the way to Wentworth, NSW.

Took the Orange World Train Tour of the farm which highlights the life of an orange grower in the region, the history of the region, the farm and its orange farming methods.

Orange World is a 50 acre farm that has over 10,000 trees with 30 different citrus varieties including Navel and Valencia oranges, mandarins, lemons, and grapefruit and avocado varieties. Primary produce however, it the Valencia variety which may looks green in some parts of the orange skin. However, it is a lot heavier and juicier than the Navel variety from California. Buy Australia!

Say "Hello!" for me, when you see Mario and his wife. They run the whole 50 acres place. An Italian couple who visited and fell in love with the city Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and its many spicy food.

While there, ask Mario to show you how to peel an orange using a specially designed orange peeler they have for sale in their store.

Orange World and Mario himself, was feature in Stefano's Cooking Paradiso, a PayTV programme for the Lifestyle Food Channel.

Website: www.orangeworldmildura.com.au

For me, the real highlight of the Orange World Tour is Uncle Brian.

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