11 February 2010

Mildura Highlights - Where Two Great Rivers Meet

One other attaction of Wentworth is the point where the two great Australia rivers meet; Darling River (2740km) and the Murray River (2530km). At the time, the Darling River was muddy in colour while the Murray River looks cleaner.

The river is where much of the town activities happens; water activities, beautiful scenery, BBQ parks, walking trails through nature reserves, birdlifes, etc.

A good place to rest under the shades of the trees. Cool with a slight breeze blowing. There are families with children swimming by the river banks, people in their portable chairs drinking beer, reading a book and I can hear the joy of skiers and swimmers across the waters, near a house-boat.

What a contrast. Within just a 5 minutes drive of each other, from Wentworth town, there is the Perry Sandhills and the two great rivers. The bareness vs the richness of the land, one where there is an absences of water, the other where water flow in its fullness.

Hmmm ......there is a message here. The word that came to mind, "Choices".

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