10 February 2010

Mildura Highlights - Perry Sandhills

Never seen a desert before. Heard much about its beauty and surprises you could find out there in the sands.

Well, Perry Sandhills is right at the edge of such a desert. So, after some persuasion on my part, Margaret agrees and we headed out to Wentworth. The sandhills are located just outside the town, on the Old Renmark Road.

Perry Sandhills was named after George Perry the first land commissioner to serve the area. Said to have been used in such movies as "The Man from Snowy River II", "Flying doctors" and "Boney".

The first thing we notice were the barreness of the car park. Then the many "Australian salute" we do on account of the flies. Next the heat. Oh! the summer heat.

Still not wanting to miss the opportunity to experience the desert, I went up a nearby hill while Margaret waited near the car. After a minute or two, seeing the view from the hilltop and experiencing the quiteness, the peace, I can feel the attraction of the desert.

But then, the heat got to me and the flies buzzing around. Oh well, back to the car. Back to town for a nice cold drink.

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