16 April 2012

Cobram - The Beach

The sign board says "The Beach 2km".

When I first saw the sign, I thought to myself 'The Beach'? At Cobram? We are so far inland, hundreds of kilometres from any coastal sand, how could there be a beach at Cobram?

As it turns out, The Beach is a licensed cafe kiosk, on the banks of the mighty Murray River overlooking the world famous (as advertised) Thompson's Beach. Yes, it looks like a beach, it feels like a beach and so, it is a beach, just not the kind by the seaside.

Thompson Beach is a readily accessible beach located near the bridge at the north-eastern edge of town that cross over to Barooga, another small sleepy town at the New South Wales side of the border.

Beside the kiosk, the beach does have picnic-barbecue facilities, boat ramps, toilets and a playground.

While at the beach, we found it to be a lovely spot to soak up the peace and quiet of the river running by. So we took the time to enjoy the moment, before our stomachs reminded us of the reason we came to the beach, apart from our curiosity.

The Beach is OPEN ALL DAY for all your cold drinks, ice-creams, snacks and treats, available for eat-in or take-away. Breakfast - weekends only and only for the winter months. It is fully licensed.

The food menu looks interesting with a selection of local wines, the most expensive at $8.00 a glass.

The ambience of the place is in keeping with the casual beach theme with fancy lightings and paintings by local artists, for sale on the wall. There is even a small fireplace at the far end of the kiosk.

For lunch, we had a bottle of the local red to go with our minestrone soup and pasta with lots and lots of fresh ingredients.

Amazing food. Did not disappoint.

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