15 April 2012

Cobram - Highlights

Cobram is a quite sleepy small town located on the Murray River which forms the border between Victoria and New South Wales. It is 244 km north of Melbourne on the Murray Valley Highway and 113 metres above sea-level.

Surrounding Cobram are a number of rich pastoral, dairy, fruit and wine-growing farms, thanks to the irrigated water supplied by the Murray River and the warm, Mediterranean like climate; hot dry summers and cool wet winters. In reality Cobram has quite a diverse agricultural district which produces citrus fruits, vegetables, wheat, oats, barley, canola, sunflowers, wool and beef cattle.

The concept of irrigation caught on after the Chaffey brothers proved its workability at Mildura in the 1880s. Thus, in 1892, a local farmer set up a windmill to draw river water for the irrigation of his orchard and others followed suit. In 1915 a pumping station was built to irrigate several local properties. However, change was not dramatic and the town grew very slowly until the 1940s when a major boom occurred. Even then, Cobram population based on the 2006 census is around 5,531.

In a year, the region has about 300 days of sun hence it is also known as the "Sun Country on the Murray". There is even a blog about the happenings in the region.

As it is early spring, there is not really much to do as a tourist this time of the season, as the land is just awakening from its winter slumber, but we got to see the canola and fruit trees bloom as you can see from the photos.

We were also surprised to see cattle roaming about in a winery but then the vine leaves has not come out yet.

However, Cobram is still a popular holiday destination, with its chief attraction being the Murray River. The Murray River around Cobram features some attractive sandy beaches lined with towering gum trees and grass picnic areas, ideal for swimming, fishing, boating and camping ....popular river activities during the warmer months of the year.

There is always the local golf clubs; Cobram-Barooga Golf Club, Tocumwal Golf Club or the Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club.

Guess, summer is a better session to come to Cobram.

The other attractions we visited around Cobram are the Rich Glen Olive Oil Estate, the Big Strawberry and Cactus Country.

Each of these places takes a bit of a drive to get to, around 15 minutes, but they are worth the drive.

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